In 2014, a important renovation program took place in the Myrha street in the 18 neighboorhood in Paris. The choice for hempcrete material to build a new social housing has set a significant position within the building industry and towards its inhabitants..

Hempcrete is an ultra-light concrete: de 330 kg/m3 compared to 2,23 to/m3 reinforced concrete.
A significant point on parisian site, which enable NORTH BY NORTHWEST architectes and LM INGENIEUR agency to reduce the depth of fondation to 3m, and has completed with 40m injections.

A considerably low environmental footprint
The carbon footprint of the construction is significantly decreased by 60% less than the Paris Climate expectations. It represents 1⁄4 of a traditionnal construction carbon footprint.

The rehabilitation and extension of an 18th century building housing 10 housing units in the heart of historic Paris raises the question of the transformation of an ancient structure and its adaptation to contemporary uses as well as to the normative criteria applied today to construction.