Hemp in the spotlight for Bio based Economy Awards

Hemp in the spotlight for Bio based Economy Awards at the International Agricultural Show

3 out of 10 nominees were hemp companies and 2 representing hempcrete


This year, two projects were named winners (Instead and AkiNaO) and a third received the jury’s favorite prize (Lin et Chanvre bio).

Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food today presented the Bioeconomy Trophies, in the presence of Yvon le Hénaff, president of the national jury, and of Crédit Agricole, financial partner of the Trophies. The stand of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the International Agricultural Show welcomed the regional winners of this national competition, thus contributing to the transition to a “low-carbon” economy.

For the second consecutive year, the ministry organized the Bioeconomy Trophies which reward sector projects proposing to develop bioresources as a substitute for fossil resources. The regional projects selected to apply at the national level all provide a solution in terms of bioenergies, bio-based materials or plant chemistry, respectively representing the 3 categories of this competition.

13 regional winners were thus nominated for this 2nd edition of the Trophies. The jury underlined their quality and diversity in terms of innovation: manufacturing of biocontrol products; improved digestibility of rapeseed meal for animal feed; production of food, cosmetics and materials from biomass as an alternative to petroleum-based molecules; use of hemp, a low input crop, in textiles and construction; recovery of straw in the latter sector; recovery of phosphorus from wastewater; production of a bio-based latex, etc. So many projects that create value, from upstream to downstream of the sectors, offer an alternative to the use of fossil resources, energize the territories while meeting consumers’ expectations.

Among these 13 regional laureates, 2 national laureates were rewarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Food for the categories “plant chemistry” and “bio-based materials”, thus each receiving a check for € 10,000 from of Crédit Agricole. Didier Guillaume also awarded a “jury’s favorite” prize to the Lin et Chanvre Bio association (Normandy region) for his ecological jeans project made from hemp (“from meadow to ready-to-wear”).

Read more about the nominees : https://agriculture.gouv.fr/sia2020-didier-guillaume-remis-les-trophees-de-la-bioeconomie